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Complete Sensual Nuru Massage Guide That Will Leave Your Partner Begging for More

You don’t have to be an expert masseuse, but with a few small tweaks, you can give your partner the best sensual massage they’ve ever had, every time. Here are 5 steps to making that happen.

Published: November 29, 2022

Author: Admin

Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or simply want to provide some stress relief, giving your partner the best massage of their life will result in the best night (or afternoon or morning) of their life. You don’t have to be an expert masseuse, but with a few small tweaks, you can give your partner the best sensual massage they’ve ever had, every time. Here are 5 steps to making that happen.

Set the Mood

Setting the mood is key to giving a sensual massage. Create a romantic atmosphere by lighting candles and playing soft music that you know your partner likes. There is a reason why these have become a cliché, because they work! You can also use essential oils to create a specific scent in the room, like lavender or rose. The smell will relax your partner's senses and get them in the mood. Keep in mind that any type of oil (including lotions) can irritate some people’s skin so it might be best to avoid these during a massage if you are unsure how your partner will react. Some people may want the lights dimmed during a sensual massage; others may want bright light so their masseur doesn't miss anything because it allows you to relax more deeply and find relief from pain or tension.

The Benefits of a Sensual Massage

Sensual massages are often used as a form of foreplay, but also have many health benefits. In addition to reducing stress and releasing endorphins, sensual massage can help improve circulation and reduce muscle pain. If you are thinking about giving a sensual massage, here are some simple tips that will make it feel great for both of you:
-Before the massage, be sure the room is warm enough so your partner won't feel chilled or too hot.
-Light some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.
-Aromatherapy oils like lavender, vanilla or sandalwood may also add another layer of relaxation.

What You'll Need

In order for a sensual massage to be effective, you need some essential oils. There are many oils available on the market, each with its own benefits and scent. I prefer using lavender oil because it's calming and has a light floral smell that is great for relaxation. In addition, you'll need massage oil or lotion and a towel or mat.

The Steps

Nuru massage is a type of massage that involves a lot of slippery, sensual fun. It's named after the Japanese word nuru which means slippery. To give an erotic nuru massage, follow these steps:
1) Gather all your supplies. For a nuru massage, you will need: a sensual oil, try adding in sensual orgasm cream and Towels, that's it!
2) Give a traditional massage to relax the body and mind.
3) Slowly pour some gel onto the partner’s back while massaging with it so they can feel its warm sensation.
4) Lather up your hands with the sensual gel then slowly spread it over their skin while making sure not to miss any area.
5) Now it’s time to enjoy yourself! Use both hands and explore their body, using a variety of motions like sliding, tickling or pushing.

Nuru Massage Fantasy

Nuru massage is one of the most sensual and erotic types of massage you can get. The nuru gel will help you slide over your partner's body, while they will be able to do the same with you. It's also great because there are lotion and oil options that are safe for those who have sensitive skin. One thing you want to be careful about when giving a nuru massage though is not getting carried away by rubbing too hard. You'll want to use enough pressure so that your hands don't glide right off their body, but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable and irritating.

Enhance Your Massage Experience

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