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Spice Up Your Love Life With Sex Toys

No matter how you use them, using sex toys together with your partner (or solo!) will never fail to delight you both in the bedroom. Read on to learn why sex toys are such an awesome addition to your love life.

Published: November 29, 2022

Author: Admin

For many people, sex toys are just another item on the list of things you need to keep your sex life fresh and exciting. But sex toys can be so much more than that! They can help you and your partner explore new types of physical pleasure, or they can simply make your regular sex life even better than it was before!

Talk about it

Talking about sex toy fantasies can be a great way to make sex more exciting. It's an opportunity for you and your partner to explore each other's fantasies, which can open up new avenues of sexual play. Plus, it can bring a lot more laughter and humor into your relationship as well. You might have some awkward moments in the beginning (maybe even a few laughs), but that's just part of learning how to talk openly and honestly with one another. Here are some ideas:
Consider writing out a list together or creating a conversation starter by asking what their top three sex toy fantasies are. Put aside any embarrassment or inhibitions, don't rush the conversation - instead, take it slow so you both feel comfortable opening up about these private desires.

Do your research

It's important to do your research and find which couples sex toy will work best for you and your partner. There are many different types of toys that can help spice up your sex life, but not all are right for everyone. Some couples might prefer a toy that enhances clitoral stimulation while others may want more anal play. It is important to know what you're looking for before you buy a toy as they can be expensive and it might not be worth it if you aren't 100% sure this is what you want. If you’re still not certain where to start looking, have a browse at our Couples Collections for our recommended couples sex toys.

Find what turns you on

Discover what turns you on and find something kinky that you want to try out. You could dress up, use a new sex toy, or even try out an exciting sex game for couples. The point is to have fun and do things that light your fire.

Get creative

Make a game out of it and have fun! Sex games for couples can be a lot of fun when you are looking to change things up. This is a great way to make sexual health, and your sex life, fun and enjoyable. You don't have to spend hours of time planning out all of the intricate details, these games can be set up in as little as five minutes. All you need is an idea, some props, and a willing partner! There are tons of different games that you can play.


Incorporating sex toys into your sexual routine is a great way to spice up your sex life and bring the excitement back into the bedroom. Start by experimenting with different types of vibrators or vibrating dildos and see what is the best fit for you. The more you experiment, the better chance you have of finding out what turns you on and drives your partner wild. Sex toys aren't only designed for women, after al why do the ladies have to have all the fun! Have a squiz at some of the best sex toys available right now!

Be open minded

Sex toys are no longer taboo, they're all in good fun and can be great for a couples sex life. It's time to get rid of those preconceived notions about them. You don't have to be scared to try something new, it could very well give you the best sex of your life!

Have fun!

Having more sex can improve your intimate relationship, it also increases your sexual well being! Sex toys and sex games are a great way to explore new things together and have fun whilst doing it. There are many different types of sex games for couples, but here are a few ideas:

  • Blindfold your partner and then use sex toys on them while they're restrained
  • Play Truth or Dare while using certain sex toys
  • Create a list of sexy dares together and make sure they include some specific instructions or targets

But always remember to be open about everything sex related, trust us you dont know until you ask.

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